Safe Cities for Women

Together, we can stop sexual harassment and abuse

Right now, it’s happening to women in your city. In every city, in every country, women can’t go to work or university, use the bus – simply live their lives – without the threat of sexual attack. Often they’re even blamed for being attacked. And it’s much worse for women living in poverty, who don’t have the means to find safe living conditions, bring their attackers to justice, or simply access refuges and hospitals safely.

Together, we can change that. It’s time for each and every one of us to speak out against sexual abuse and harassment. Which is why people and organisations from 20 countries have joined up to campaign, lobby, and take action together, to create Safe Cities for Women.

Your voice has power. You can help make sure that people, corporations and governments publicly speak out and declare that violence against women in our cities is not OK, and that they do their bit to stop it. Because it is never OK, and it should never, ever be tolerated.

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"A safe city provides equal opportunities for men and women - in social, economic, cultural and political life"


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